1. How do I register?

In order to register for the congress you’ll have to create an account through our website. To create said account, access our website at icca2018.eventqualia.net and click “My account” on the top right-hand corner.

- Select “Create new account” and fill out your personal information

- A verification e-mail will be sent to the address you just provided, if you don’t find it immediately please search on your “Spam/Junk” Folders;

- Click the link found on said e-mail to verify your account

- You can now login with the e-mail and password you just provided.

Attention: Creating your account is only a step towards registration and not the registration itself!

- After login, access the “Registrations” tab, and click the button “Register”, following the steps.

If you’re having difficulties creating your account, watch this video;

If you have any doubt please contact us through icca@eventqualia.net or +351 220 035 906.

2. I’m an abstract co author, do I have to register to be present?

Yes, even though it is not mandatory for every co-author to register - the abstract can be submitted for the conference by just one author - in order to be present at the Congress, you have to register.

3. What about payment methods?

We support debit and credit card payment. If for any reason you are not able to complete said payment, please contact us through icca@eventqualia.net or +351 220 035 906.

If you need an invoice, please fill the requested informations during payment: Person/Institution’s name; Tax identification number (NIF, VAT/CPF); Person/Institution’s address and country of origin. It is not possible to change these informations later. Your invoice will be available for download in your “Personal Area” at the website as soon as the Congress is over.

4. How can I submit an abstract?

To submit abstracts you will need an account, to create this account, please read the 1st paragraph.

After creating your account:

Enter your personal area on the website;

Select “Abstracts” tab;

- Choose “Submit new abstract”;

NOTE: Although you can appoint co-authors, all the information regarding the acceptance/rejection of the abstract, and the congress itself (certificates) are only sent to the e-mail address used to create the submitting account. If you wish to change the author’s name or anything else, please contact us through icca@eventqualia.net or +351 220 035 906.

Each individual can submit up to 3 abstracts.  

5. What are the submission rules?

Abstracts can be submitted for any of the scientific areas identified at the website. There is no restrictions when it comes to themes, as long as they are within Childhood and Adolescence issues. 

Abstracts can be submitted in Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish or English. The presentation can also be done in these languages. 

The abstract is submitted at a specific platform, therefore, the text formatting is automatic. 

Abstracts cannot exceed the 500 words limit. The bibliographic references are not included in this number. It should be indicated 3 to 5 keywords. 

Authors must not refer any names or institutions on the body text. 

Abstract presentations may concern or include results from underway or concluded researches. 

Images, graphics and tables can be attached on submission.

The selection of the scientific area is also made in the process of submission.

Submission dates and scheduling are available in our website.

Each author can submit up to 3 abstracts.

6. How does the review process works?

Your abstract will be reviewed by our scientific committee, which gathers professionals and academics from the most diverse areas of knowledge.

Abstracts can be submitted as a “Poster” or as an Oral Communication; Abstracts are graded in a scale of 1 to 6; Abstracts graded 1 and 2 are rejected; and abstracts rated 3 through 6 are approved. Abstracts approved with grades of 3 and 4 are allocated to the poster category, while abstracts graded 5 and 6 are allocated to the Oral Communication category;

Reviewers can comment or add notes to the review of your abstract, check your personal area for these informations.

Review and result deadlines are in our website. The result of your review will be sent to the e-mail used to create the submitting account; Once again, even if you have appointed co-authors, this information will be sent only to the e-mail used to create the submitting account;

After receiving said email, enter your personal area and check the category your abstract has been allocated to. If that information is not available please contact the organisation;

You’ll only need to send the abstract, you won’t be asked to send a more extensive paper or essay later on.

The reviewing process only has one phase, and there will be no appeal available regarding results;

7. What rules regarding Oral Communications/Posters are there?

Oral communication:

The presentation is limited to 7 minutes with 3 minutes extra for discussion.To avoid delays to the program it is asked of all participants to respect this limit. 

There is a PowerPoint layout that will be released as soon as possible. Any presentation made without the mentioned layout will be rejected. The presentation file must be sent until January 21st. 

The presentation should be conducted by, at most, 2 people. For certification purposes only two authors are considered.

If the submitter of the abstract is not the person who’s going to present please inform us at icca@eventqualia.net or +351 220 035 906.

Each author can present up to 3 abstracts (including posters and oral communications)


A layout for posters will be released as soon as possible. Any presentation made without the mentioned layout will be rejected.

Format: A0 1189mm height X 841mm width.

During lunch hour, authors should be present next to their poster in order to discuss it with participants.

Authors are responsible for putting up and taking the posters down, within the assigned hours to do so.  

Each author can present up to 3 abstracts (including posters and oral communications)

ICCA's 2018 organization has a service of printing, transportation and placing Posters in the congress, with a cost of 20€. You only have to submit the file in PDF, with the template available for download, and the organization take care of the rest. If you're interest, enter in your personal area of the website and register on "Poster Printing". The poster file must be sent by the platform until January 20th (only for authors interested on ICCA's printing service). 

To everyone who's not interested in this service, the poster placing must be guarantee by the authors, during the times which will be defined soon. 

8. What rules are there regarding Symposia?

 Symposia should have at least 4 communications and must have:

- An abstract for each communication; 

- An abstract regarding the global theme of the symposium; 

- Indication of the coordinator and participants of the symposium;

- Each communication will follow the rules stated in paragraph 7.

- Symposia proposals must be sent until November 30th.

9. What rules are there regarding Project Presentation?

Projects follow the rules stated in paragraph 7. but submission is made by e-mail, at icca@eventqualia.net.

An abstract should be sent, with a maximum of 500 words with a brief description of the theme, objectives, methods and techniques and, if there are any already, conclusions and results; 

The presentation will be made in one of conference rooms, and the authors have 10min plus 5min for discussion.

10. How does certification work?

Certification is made online; Once the congress is over, participants who have checked-in at the event will have available to them at their personal area the corresponding certificate (it is, therefore, of the upmost importance that you check-in when arriving at the event!)

eventQualia has 4 different certificates in its congresses: 

Participation: Every registered participant who has checked in are entitled to a participation certificate.

Presentation: This certificate is destined to those who SUBMIT an abstract (plus registration and check-in). Once again, if the person who submits doesn’t present it, please inform the organisation; We remind that only 2 people can be certified for presenting regardless of how many are involved in the presentation; The certificate is issued to the submitter/main author referring, nevertheless, every co-author. 

This certificate is only available to the submitter, being their responsibility to forward the certificate to the co-author;

Moderation: Made available for the moderators of the different sessions;

Scientific/Organisation Commision: Made available for the members of the scientific and organising commissions.

11. Cancellation and Refund policy

The Payment of registrations and/or other services/activities announced in this website can be  performed by credit or debit card.

The payment must be done right after the registration.

If for any reason you wish to cancel your registration, please be advised that until November 30th, 60% of the paid value can be refunded. From December 1st to December 31st, the refund will be of 30% of the paid value. From January 1st no refunds apply. 

Refunds are made through the same payment method: Credit or debit card refund.

The on-line payments will be processed by an external entity. EventQualia ensures all the necessary proceedings for safe electronic transactions.

The applicable law to any contractual relation on the service utilisation of this website is the Portuguese law trough the competent authorities, namely Courts of Law.