Oliviero Bruni

Universitá de Roma

Resmiye Oral

University of Iowa

Francesco Tonucci

Italian National research council (CNR)

Luis Januário

Centro Hospitalar de Coimbra

Round Table 1 | Sport, Competition, Injury

Paulo Oom

Hospital Beatriz Ângelo

Round Table 2 | Addictions

Ana Vieira da Silva

Unidade Alcoologia de Lisboa

Round Table 3 | Parenting and Co-Parenting

Round Table 4 | New and Old Diets

Round Table 5 | Child, Environment and Risk

Clara Sottomayor

Tribunal Constitucional

Round Table 6 | The Kids Are All Right: (Sub)(post)subcultural belongings in the late modernity

Matthew Worley

University of Reading

Gareth Dylan Smith

New York University and Little Kids Rock, USA

Round Table 7 | Poverty and Well-being

Elena Pribytkova

Columbia Law School

Round Table 8 | Adolescence - The Body in the Mirror

Cristina Baptista

Associação Sorrir

Tiago A. Santos

Hospital de Aveiro

Round Table 9 | Moral, Empathy and Autism

Paula Vilariça

Hospital D. Estefânia

Round Table 10 | Traumatic Memories and Childhood Testimony

Round table 11 | Multiculturalism, Migrations and Mistreatment

Round Table 12 | New and Old Diseases

Ricardo Mexia

Instituto Ricardo Jorge

Jorge Atouguia


Mercedes Rivera Cuello

Spanish Society of Social Paediatrics

Round Table 13 | Health Inequalities

Round Table 14 | Thinking Education

Hugo Rodrigues

Unidade Local de Saúde do Alto Minho

Round Table 15 | Sleep in Childhood: therapeutic manifestations and impact on child development

Miguel Meira e Cruz

Unidade Sono-ULisboa; APCMedSono

Ricardo Santos

ESS.PPorto; CUF Porto