Project presentations ICCA 2018

With the intention of discuss some field experiences related with Childhood and Adolescente, ICCA 2018 has, once again, a session for project presentations. We already had the confirmation of these projects:

By: Vanessa Agra e Natália Santos

"Our goals are to provide teachers, parents and educational technicians with the personal tools of self-knowledge and educational leadership that allow them to find personalized and adequate solutions to each context. The traditional educational system is based on the rational level of the human being. We aim to reach and educate the whole of the human being, considering its emotions, body, health, social structures, beliefs, needs and purposes, in order to transform the process of teaching into a process of mutual education and learning. Both children and adults should be given the opportunity to live a rich, fun and creative way to learn and grow up, with space for movement, for individual dreams and ambitions and freedom to choose."

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By: Rui Carvalho

"Sexual Education has been growingly recognized as a fundamental area of health education and the school has been officially proposed as a competent mean to develop and enforce sexual health promoting strategies, implementing these topics in the curricula of elementary and high school schools. While acknowledging the value of the steps taken and the efforts gathered to implement sexual education, there are still numerous situations in which the enforcement of these measures is lacking. SexED is a valuable effort in pursuing the development of rich curricula on sexuality in schools in Portugal; justifying its relevance with the scientific training acquired while students of the Master’s Degree in Medicine, in Psychology or Pharmaceutical Sciences, as well as additional training and pedagogical expertise developed in similar projects with children and adolescents. All participants of SexED have additional training in the area of sexuality."

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"According to the World Health Organization, in 2016, Portugal was the 8th country in Europe with the largest prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity, with 32,4% between 5 and 19 years of age. Given the extent of this problem in Portugal and, particularly, in children and young people from a region in the North of the country, became imperative to find more effective measures in management of this problem, because the only response was a childhood obesity consultation in the hospital. For this reason, in primary health care (PHC) was reintroduced the nutrition consultation where this problem was approached as a family problem and not only of the child or young person. (...) : Since the beginning of the project (April 2017) until November of the same year 16 families were in follow-up, to which corresponded 16 children with overweight/obesity.  Throughout the follow-up it was noted that the children's weight variation was concordant with that of their parents. The intervention was effective for anthropometric changes and to increase adherence to MDP, highlighting the importance of the intervention in PHC and the involvement of the whole family in promoting a healthier lifestyle. " 

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By: Amélia Fernandes Nunes; Carlos Manuel Ramos Martins; Henriqueta Luisa Duarte Forte

"Performing close tasks that require visual effort, such as reading, writing, or using digital devices, exercised continuously and over a long time, can lead to several disturbances and can cause various disorders and the visual system is strongly affected. The progression in the educational level which inevitably leads to a greater visual effort in performing school tasks, makes the students more likely to report symptoms and to present signs associated with vision disorders. However, these types of symptoms can be reduced or avoided by adopting healthy visual habits. The "VER +" project (‘See More’, in English) is a project to be applied in a school environment, aiming to valorize, educate and increase responsiblity for the promotion of visual health. It has been applied in a city-based school in the center of Portugal, since 2015."

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