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Call for papers:

ICCA's main goal is to provide an important contribution so that the known shortcomings on the studies on social issues related to childhood are recognised and answered through an approach that provides the sharing of knowledge and know-how between different fields that, through different perspectives, focus on promoting happier and healthier childhoods.

The crossing of these different perspectives will be achieved through the participation of students, professionals and researchers from different backgrounds and whose interests are focused on issues related to childhood and adolescence. 

Arts, Law, Pediatrics, Sport Sciences, Sociology, Education Studies, Family Medicine, Nutrition,  Psychology, Psychiatry, Nutrition Sciences, Social Work, Philosophy, Anthology,  Gynaecology/Obstetric and Speech Therapy are some of the scientific areas to which you can submit your abstract.  

The accepted abstracts will be presented as posters or as presentation papers depending on the their evaluation scores.

Deadlines for abstract submission here

Submit your abstract here

Abstracts can be submitted for any scientific area identified at the website. It doesn't exists any restriction of themes, since they are related with Childhood and Adolescence issues. 

Abstracts can be submitted in Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish or English. The presentation also can be done in these languages. 

The abstract is submitted at a specific platform, therefore, the text formatting is automatic. 

Abstracts can't pass the 500 words. The bibliographic references are not included in this number. It should be indicated 3 to 5 keywords. 

Authors must not refer any names or institutions on the body text. 

Abstract presentation may included underway or concluded researches. 

Images, graphics and tables can be attached on the submission moment. 

The selection of the scientific area is also made in the process of submission. 

Check the options before submitting your abstract. For symposia or round-table discussions submissions, send an email to: icca@eventqualia.net

The Organizing Commission has selected a set of topics for discussion in round-table format, blended by specialists in different areas. Check the topics here. 

Although some of the themes are already stablished, we are open to suggestions which may potentially enrich the conference. Thereby, we invite everyone to suggest themes for symposiums  by the email: icca@eventqualia.net.

During the event it will also take place a session for presenting intervention projects  related with Childhood and Adolescence. If you want to present your project, send an email to icca@eventqualia.net.